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NOTE This task requires the assistance of your eComm Specialist.

Even those without a Cvent login can access data through a password-protected URL whenever they fancy, and, best of all, without needing to pester you. You'll just need an eComm specialist to get a Report User added to Cvent and create the desired Parked Report. They are great if:

  • your boss wants to access updated metrics
  • someone from the budget office is tracking event revenue
  • you need to send headcounts to the caterer
  • a colleague is printing namebadges (with Word & Excel)

Request Parked Reports | USERS

Submit your Parked Report requests to your eComm specialist to setup for you. They will need to know:

  1. what type of information you want in your report(s)
  2. who will be accessing these reports
    • First & Last Name
    • Email Address

How To Access Parked Reports | USERS

Your eComm specialist will provide a unique URL and login instructions for accessing the Parked Reports at anytime.

TIP Report users should bookmark the unique URL and save the password.

How To Setup Parked Reports | ECOMM SPECIALISTS

Request Report User

Report Users provide a free, limited access Cvent license for folks who need up-to-date event analytics. eComm specialists can request a New Report User by creating a new task in the Cvent project of TaskRay. 

Create Parked Report

Parking Reports