Cvent | Report of Events Created by User

Transferring a license? Adding a new user to an existing team? Create a report of the events created by a particular user. That way you have a list of events to share with the new person, so they can hit the ground running.

Pull Report from Cvent

  1. Hover the drop-down on the top left side of the page titled Cross Events >> Select: Cross Event Reports
  2. Select the green button on the top-right: Create Custom Report
  3. Switch the category to Events and the type to Events. Press next
  4. Delete the Registrant fields
  5. Click "Add Fields" and switch to the Audit Information view
  6. Choose  "Created By." Press Ok and the press next
  7. Press next (no action needed on step 3)
  8. Modify the date range if needed. In the Advance Filters section set it up to be "Created by" "equals" "Username" (the user name is the person's email address) 
  9. Finish & Run Report

How-To Share Events

!NOTE! Only eComm specialists have access to pull this report from Cvent.