We know our eComm specialists and users understand the importance of CAN-SPAM and intend to follow it. But sometimes, mistakes can occur that lead to a violation. Learn about common ways to violate CAN-SPAM so you can avoid them. We highly recommend this wiki and the associated quiz as an annual refresher.
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The Portal makes Cvent Reports available to stakeholders via a secure login. These free licenses grant individuals access to specific Reports that can be viewed in real-time and filtered or exported as needed. Follow three steps to get started.
Cvent's reporting upgrade has provided an enhanced interface for generating reports. While the same event and cross-event data is available, the look and feel of the reporting tool has leapt into the future.
Navigating to Reporting in Cvent varies slightly depending on the type of event you've created. After that - running, customizing and saving a Report behaves the same, regardless of the event type.
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One of the eComm specialist’s roles in Cvent includes managing how stakeholders can access Cvent data in real-time, without a steep cost. Follow the steps below to create Portal Users and Publish Reports there for easy access.
Want to continually grow an audience you can email via Marketing Cloud? eComm can provide a simple subscription form along with a Salesforce audience that will update automatically with subscribers (thanks to a behind-the-scenes integration). Users can add the subscription URL to their website then send emails to that audience as desired.