Reporting & Analytics

Checkout analytics within Marketing Cloud tracking to find data on all your historical sends. Take the opportuinity to target this audience with a speciality communication rewarding them for their dedication with a short thank you, event invite or discount code. Your eComm specialist can help with the steps below to target this audience through eComm.

  1. Find the correct Marketing Cloud report to run (below)
  2. Export Subscriber Key (from Marketing Cloud)
  3. Convert Subscriber Key to Contact ID (in Excel)
  4. Upload file of Contact ID's to Salesforce Campaign (with Apsona or Data Loader)

1) Marketing Cloud Reports

Filters Expand the filter to report on all historical sends rather than the default last 100 sends.

Delete Test Sends You can delete individual test sends to avoid reporting on this data and skewing your results.

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  • Email Send Detail
  • Email Info
  • Tracking Info
  • Related Individual Result Reports
  • System Info
  • Individuals Email Results
  • Aggregate Link Level Details
  • Support Requests

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  • A/B Test Summary
  • Account Send Summary
  • Attribute by Tracking Event
  • Campaign Email Job Tracking Summary
  • Campaign Email Tracking Summary
  • Carrier Deactivation Summary Report
  • Conversion Tracking Statistics
  • Email Message Frequency
  • Email Performace by Attribute
  • Email Performance by Domain
  • Email Performance for All Domains
  • Email Performance Over Time
  • Email Send
  • Email Sends by User
  • Email Send Performance Over Time
  • Email Send
  • Email Sends by User
  • Email Send Performance by Audeince Builder Segment
  • Forwarding Activity Details
  • Impression Tracking by Job
  • Impression Tracking for Triggered Send by Period
  • List Demographics
  • List Performance Over Time
  • List Size Over Time
  • Multi-Campaign Tracking Summary
  • Recent Email Sends Summary
  • Region Performance Over Time
  • Response Trend Analysis for Email Send
  • Send Classification by Email Tracking Report
  • Sendable Data Extension Demographics
  • Sendable Data Extension Performance Over Time
  • Single Email Performance by Device
  • Spam Complaints Over Time
  • Subscriber Engagement
  • Subscriber Most Recent Activity
  • Subscribers Not Sent To
  • Triggered Send Tracking
  • Unengaged Subscribers for a List

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  • Historial Engagement
  • Time Based Engagement
  • Aggregate Analytics
  • Subscriber Analytics
  • Email Analytics

2) Export Subscriber Key

3) Convert Subscriber Key to Contact ID

Colummn A | Subscriber Key (18 characters)
Column B | Contact ID (15 characters)
Formula | =LEFT(A2, LEN(A2)-3)
Drag to all columns
Copy/Paste Contact ID or Save as a CSV

4) Upload Contact ID to Salesforce

NOTE!  Users do not have access to complete this task - ask your eComm specialist to help with step 4.