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MEC Weekly Digest | October 28, 2019

Data Inconsistency: Salesforce and Marketing Cloud

  • Update: As summarized in the October 14 weekly digest and in INC0600399, we identified a data inconsistency between Salesforce and Marketing Cloud that is causing incorrect open rates to populate in Email Sends for some, but not all, emails. This is a known SFMC issue and there is no fix currently identified. The COE and Devs United will be monitoring this issue and will let us know if anything changes. If you are concerned about the accuracy of tracking data, please gather it directly from Marketing Cloud rather than using Email Sends.

DCR Spreadsheet Update

  • Update: As mentioned in the October 21 Weekly Digest, duplicate merging is underway! Daniella submitted a list of about 300 duplicates on the spreadsheet with 0 or 1 Constituent IDs (one Standard and one Individual contact) that the COE will be merging soon. They will also be showing her the process so she can merge contacts like these. Note that all dupes that have 2 or more Constituent IDs will have to be looked at in MDM with UIS, so merging these is more time-consuming.
  • Action Item: While the COE works to establish the DCR submission process in Salesforce, Daniella has made some changes to the DCR spreadsheet. Please only use either the "0 or 1 Constituent ID" or the "2 or more Constituent IDs" sheets, depending on the number of Constituent IDs. Let her know if you have any questions or if you'd like assistance identifying which sheet to use.

 Wiki Indexing & Glossary

  • Update: Jen Mortensen has been working on creating an index of all topics currently in the wiki (with a few needed additions) and has been cataloging them into a series of topics and associated questions.
  • Action Item: Please review the topics and questions for Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, and Cvent below and provide your feedback to Jen Mortensen by November 4.

IdentiKey Email Field

  • Issue: The IdentiKey email field was missing from the Apsona dropdown menu, so it was difficult for MECs to match against it when uploading new contacts. (See INC0603070).
  • Impact: Some duplicate contacts were unintentionally created.
  • Solution: Kalman added the IdentiKey email field to the drop down menu in Apsona so MECs can now match against it.

Ongoing TaskRay Tasks & Data Monitoring