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MEC Weekly Digest | October 21, 2019

MC01 to MC03 Email Preferences

  • Issue: As outlined in the September 13 weekly digest, during the migration from MC01 to MC03, unit-specific email preferences were not migrated.
  • Solution: Lisa Carr began work on modifying all of the contact records affected by this issue and completed her work on Monday, October 14. All unit-specific preferences should now match what they were in MC01. Please join me in thanking Lisa for her work on this project.
    • Jen Mortensen and Daniella Torres will complete some spot-checking this week to verify and will let you know if we see any future issues to address.

 Duplicate Management Update

  • Update: The COE is continuing to work with UIS to correct duplicates coming from MDM. The known duplicates fall into a few different categories.
    • Duplicates with 0 or 1 Constituent IDs (CIDs)
      • These exist in Salesforce only and can be merged by the COE and soon Daniella. They are often one Standard and one Individual contact.
      • If the email matches, the nightly Cvent match job is continuing to address these contacts in batches of 900 at a time. The System eComm team is frequently running this job throughout the day as well to address the duplicate backlog. Based on standard contacts with CU-affiliated email addresses, we have 5,690 standard contacts who likely have an individual contact duplicate. 
    • Duplicates with the same CID
      • This means the contacts have already been merged in MDM and the corrected data has been pushed to Salesforce. The COE corrects these contacts weekly by using an automated tool to merge them.
    • Duplicates with 2 or more CIDs
      • These exist in MDM and repairs must start there and involve UIS and the weekly merge job.
      • An example of this is duplicates where one contact has an Advance ID and a CU-affiliated email address but where all campus email fields are blank. The duplicate contact will have a CU-affiliated email address in one or more of the campus email fields but no Advance ID. (Examples of these can be found on the DCR spreadsheet in the majority of Jen Mortensen's entries).
      • The COE is continuing to working with UIS to develop a automated merge process that will correct these. 
      • The number of contacts affected by this issue is in the tens of thousands.

 Wiki Indexing & Glossary

  • Issue: At our last in-person meeting, the MECs expressed concern that the wiki is difficult to use because it is difficult to search. Several users have echoed this concern.
  • Impact: While great resources exist on the wiki, MECs and users struggle to find them.
  • Solution: Jen Mortensen will begin designing a "How can we help you?" component of the wiki that will function similarly to Marketing Cloud's case submission feature. Jen will begin work this week and hopes to have a draft ready for review soon.

Accessibility Update

  • Issue: We've heard concerns that Marketing Cloud templates are not accessible.
  • Impact: Many of our constituents are likely unable to engage with our communications.
  • Solution: Jen Mortensen has been working on building accessible templates in Marketing Cloud based on the "Four Strategies for Creating Accessible Content" highlighted in last week's weekly digest.
    • Jen Mortensen and Melanie Jones have been working with the Boulder accessibility team to conduct tests of Marketing Cloud communications including the president's newsletter and a UCCS alumni communication. The results were integrated into the wiki post.
    • Jen completed six templates this week and has sent them to the Boulder accessibility team for final testing. We should be able to share them soon.
  • Training: Looking ahead, we may want to consider how we train users on accessibility and the best practices associated with it. Ideas are welcome.

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