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MEC Weekly Digest | March 23, 2021

eComm User Fee for FY22

  • Update: As discussed at our February team meeting, our current eComm user fee variance for FY22 is in the green category (no more than a 5% increase or decrease). Jen Mortensen is working to gather information for Jill Ibeck that will be used to help establish the final rates for the upcoming Fiscal Year.
  • Action: Jen requested (via Chatter; see "User Fee Setting for FY22") that you provide license increase/decrease estimates for FY22 by Friday, March 19. If you haven't yet provided your estimate, please do so by Tuesday, March 23 at the latest. 

Updates to eComm Support Model

  • In place of our March team meeting, Jen Mortensen has scheduled meetings with each campus team during the week of March 29 to discuss pending updates to the eComm support model. Please feel free to reach out in the interim time if you have any questions.

New Stakeholder Campaigns

March Last Login Audit

  • Update: Given the recent snow day, the deprovisioning notice send date was postponed to Monday, March 22. Jen Mortensen will notify you of pertinent responses via Chatter and will complete deprovisioning requests on March 31.

Q2 Business Unit & Preference Requests

  • Update: Thanks to everyone who submitted email preference and/or business unit requests for Q2 of FY21. Jen Mortensen will be reviewing submissions for accuracy during the week of March 22 and will contact you if questions arise. She'll be submitting the final requests to the COE team by April 1.

Requests for Cvent Add-Ons

  • Issue: We've seen an increase in users interested in purchasing additional Cvent functionality (such as Attendee Hub, Abstract Management, etc.). We had not formalized or documented these processes which perpetuated confusion.
  • Impact: The process for getting these add-ons, what's possible, and who's responsible for which tasks was unclear. 
  • Solution: We've created a new wiki regarding processes for Cvent add-ons to which you can refer to guide conversations with your users. MEC specific tasks are highlighted in blue and align with typical Cvent support items with System involvement highlighted in red. We've also asked Cvent to avoid setting false expectation around integrating Cvent with other platforms - something we won't do.
  • Action: If you hear from users interested in purchasing Cvent add-ons, please have them read through the wiki and fill-out a short form to be connected with CU's team at Cvent so purchasing decisions and next steps are made with CU's existing processes in mind.

New/Updated Wikis

Updates on Outstanding Issues

  • Advance-Salesforce Discrepancies: The UIS Integrations team identified a handful of scenarios causing address (and occasionally, email) discrepancies between Advance and Salesforce. Those are outlined below. If you find additional discrepancies, please send them to Daniella so she can investigate.
    • When an old address/email was updated with a new one at the same time, an issue was preventing the new data from flowing to Salesforce. A fix was put in place in January. There is a possibility that there are other affected records that haven't been identified. 
    • When an address containing Street Address 2 was replaced by one that did not, Address Street 2 was not being removed. A fix was put in place in early March.
    • When Advance lists a city in the "Foreign" field instead of in the "City" field for international addresses, the data fails to make it to IWH and then Salesforce. 
      • Daniella is waiting to hear back from Advancement about repercussions of using "City" instead of "Foreign" field.
    • When an address has a "Permanent" (instead of "Home") type in Advance, the address will not come over to Salesforce. 
      • Daniella is waiting to hear back from Advancement about repercussions of using "Home" instead of "Permanent" type.
  • Students Missing Advance ID / Advance-Related Duplicates: An issue with the Advance freshman load is causing duplicate student records in Salesforce and what looks like missing Advance IDs on active student records. The Advancement team is working with UIS on a workaround for future freshman loads (to avoid creating duplicates) and is working on finding and merging existing duplicates.
    • If you can't find a Salesforce record for a student or alum who meets the criteria below, please let Daniella know. It's possible they're affected by this issue.
      • Student must be a degree seeking student attending main campus courses
      • Student must be enrolled at least 1 credit hour on campus census date
      • Certificates are not entered into Advance until completed
  • Advance IDs Deleted from Salesforce: UIS Integrations team continuing to investigate.
  • SSL Certificate: Lisa Carr is working on the final steps associated with enabling the SSL certificates to correct image display issues in Google Chrome.

Ongoing Data Monitoring