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eComm Specialist Digest | March 21, 2023

True or False

A period isn't considered a special character, so it's okay to use in a Cvent event title. Scroll to the bottom for the answer.

General Updates

  • Cvent Payment Processing Issues: The System team completed notifications for 450 failed transactions by reaching out to both the event planner and the card holder. All failed refunds have processed. Processing of failed payments are in progress. All failed transactions should be settled by the end of March.
    • eComm specialists approving events and leveraging the Cvent Approval Checklist is our crucial, first line of defense.
    • eComm specialists have been subscribed to a Salesforce Report which will be received at 9AM when a paid/fundraising event has been launched with special characters in the title (last week or this week). 
      • If the Email is going to Junk or SPAM you may need to work with your Campus IT office.


General Updates Continued

  • Continued User Adoption, Manage Salesforce Campaigns | If a Report or Data Extension is based on a Salesforce Campaign, users can add/remove Campaign Members and create new Contacts to manage small changes (less than 20) without involving an eComm specialist.
    • Numerous Contacts have been created incorrectly by users, resulting in them not being pulled into any Reports. Users must follow the instructions in the wiki and should never 'Create New Contact' directly in Salesforce. 
      • ANSCHUTZ | Elanor Shields, Lisbel Woods, Tessa Carlson, Zachary Noriega
      • SYSTEM ADVANCEMENT | Carolyn Learned
      • SYSTEM | Janine Romero


General Updates Continued

  • Q2 Email Preference Updates | We will not be intaking preference changes for Q2 due to pending changes to streamline email preferences and business units.

Roadmap Updates

  • POI Integration: POI data is available in Salesforce to Admins only. Prior to new data being available in production, we will provide clarity on the impacts to existing reports, how to modify them based on your needs, and more. 
    • OPTIONAL SESSION March 29, 10:30 - 11 AM |
    • While POI data won't be available for some time, we can prepare for it now to lessen the burden.
  • Contacts without Email Addresses: Jen Mortensen shared documentation related to excluding contacts without email addresses from the eComm integration in the March 1 digest and requested feedback by March 15. Following the receipt of no feedback on this topic, Daniella Torres will begin investigating next steps with the integrations team.
  • Advance GeoCode Sunsetting: As mentioned in the quarterly eComm specialist meeting, eComm needs to sunset the use of the Advance GeoCode. 
    • All 280 Salesforce Reports that leverage the GeoCode field will need to be updated to some degree to ensure that when the field is deleted from Salesforce, there is no unintended impact on existing Reports. Failure to do so could result in an audience becoming broader and receiving an irrelevant communication.
    • ACTION ITEM DUE APRIL 25 | *Majority of eComm Specialists will migrate away from using GeoCode in any Reports by April 25th.
      • *Boulder Advancement is still determining a timeline.

Ongoing Opportunities

  • Request the following items by submitting a help ticket and selecting "Marketing Cloud >> select topic below >> follow instructions"
    • Einstein
    • Journey Builder
      • With every commencement, CU Denver invites the graduating class to contribute to a fund of their choosing. A journey promoting this opportunity to Spring 2023 graduates is launching at the end of March.
      • A Birthday Journey Email for CU Anschutz is underway, pending content (similar to the one launched by UCCS for alumni). 
    • Dynamic Content

New/Updated Resources

  • CRM Team Website
  • HTML Pasted Emails (new)
  • Geocode Sunsetting (2023)
    • Free Map Tool (update)
      • Two versions of the tool are available to find zip codes: one based on radius from a central point and the other with a shape drawn on the map. 
  • Subscribers and Subscriber Status (update)
    • Yellow and Gray shirt colors will be reverted back to Green if the recipient engages with an email (opens or clicks).
  • Salesforce Reporting (update)
    • 'Field Editing' within a Salesforce Report is newly available but has little use for eComm specialists. While technically you can click Field Editing Enabled and then edit cells in the Report by clicking the pencil icon, it will likely be overwritten (since 99% of our data is coming from a source system).
    • The ONLY relevant use-case for eComm specialists might be updating data for Standard Contacts that they uploaded.

Ongoing Data Monitoring

True or False

A special character is a character that is not an alphabetic or numeric character or a space. Punctuation marks, including commas and periods, are considered special characters and should not be used in Cvent titles.