Do you have a firm grasp of Marketing Cloud basics? Learn how you can take your skills to the next level with intermediate training.
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Creating a good looking email in Marketing Cloud is one thing, but ensuring it displays well across inboxes is a greater challenge. Learn to apply three best practices when using text blocks to have confidence in how it renders for recipients.
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We know how cluttered your Marketing Cloud account can get if you are a frequent sender. Use these different types of folders (and other tips) to stay organized.
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To help minimize the potential for CAN-SPAM violations, eComm has the ability to automatically refresh data extensions that have been found to be non-compliant (i.e., not refreshed/imported before their use in an email send). Non-compliant data extensions can be identified and added to the process in two ways. Learn more.
Understand the difference between sender profiles, delivery profiles and send classifications, in Marketing Cloud. These not only drives who an email appears to come from, but more importantly ensures that it's CAN-SPAM compliant.