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MEC Weekly Digest | November 30, 2020

December Provisioning Requests Due Today

  • Reminder: Today is the deadline to submit and approve your provisioning and deprovisioning requests for December 2020. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Melanie Jones. She and Daniella Torres will start provisioning and deprovisioning tomorrow morning.
    • Jen Mortensen has already submitted deprovisioning requests for users who have not logged in during the past six months and who did not respond to the notification email. See the November 2020 tab of the last login spreadsheet for more information.
    • Jen Mortensen will be making a few small changes to the last login notification process beginning in December. She will provide an update via Chatter.
  • Congratulations: All of you completed the new provisioning quiz and everyone passed. There was one commonly-missed question we wanted to highlight:
    • Q: What will happen if you have provisioning requests and de-provisioning requests in the queue but fail to approve them by the last business day of the month?
    • A: De-provisioning requests will be completed but Provisioning requests will not be. Fiscal responsibilities guide this decision.

Holiday Card Send Dates

  • Reminder: Please provide any updates to the holiday card send dates below via Chatter to ensure that campuses are not overlapping on these communications.
    • Advancement: December 8 and 2
    • Anschutz: December 15
    • Boulder: December 19
    • Colorado Springs: TBD
    • Denver: Considering December 7, 9, 16 (December 7 is preferred)
    • System: December 18

CAN-SPAM Quiz Due by December 11

  • Reminder: Please complete the new CAN-SPAM quiz to verify your knowledge and identify any gaps by Friday, December 11.

Email Preference Requests Due by December 15

  • Reminder: Submit your requests for email preference and business unit work for Q1 of CY21 using the submission spreadsheet (contact Jen Mortensen for link) by December 15. As discussed at the November team meeting, the spreadsheet has been reformatted with new columns and examples to increase clarity. Please contact Jen Mortensen if you have any questions.

Cvent Sunsetting Legacy Reports on December 15

  • ReminderCvent will be sunsetting legacy reports and parked report groups on December 15. At this time, you'll be unable to create/save legacy reports. Previously saved legacy reports will be available to run, although they can't be modified and saved. As a replacement, the Report will need to be re-created within the 'new' Reporting feature. Follow these instructions to make Cvent Reports accessible to stakeholders via the portal (for free).
    • Kayla Gronseth Boyer mentioned an immediate need during the Nov. MEC meeting. Please let Melanie know if the above wikis are unclear.
    • We are awaiting feedback from Caroline Fetterolf and Matt Roush re: financial reports for the CU Foundation. 
    • The system office is addressing migration of Reports leveraged by treasury for all paid events.

Next Team Meeting Scheduled for December 17

  • Agenda: At our December team meeting, we'll be joined by our Marketing Cloud Architect (MCA), Josh Zimmerman, to discuss his draft recommendations for a future state Marketing Cloud. We're excited to share his ideas and hear your feedback, so be sure to save the date.
    • Special Guests: We'll also be joined by Ken McConnellogue, Jill Ibeck, and Nonie Roberts.

Advance-Salesforce Discrepancies

  • Update: Several of you have reached out to let us know about small groups of data discrepancies you are seeing between Advance and Salesforce. Daniella Torres is working with UIS to investigate these issues, and this is UIS' top priority for eComm. We don't see any broad issues but want to be sure we're addressing even small pools of data inconsistencies. We will keep you informed as we learn more. 

New/Updated Wikis & Resources

Ongoing Data Monitoring