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MEC Weekly Digest | November 18, 2020

Next Team Meeting

  • Thursday, November 19: Our next team meeting will be held on Thursday, November 19 from 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. We look forward to seeing you there.

Email Preference and Business Unit Requests

  • Next Submission Period Approaching: Jen Mortensen will begin accepting requests for email preference and business unit work for Q1 of CY21 on December 1 with a submission deadline of December 15. She will post notifications and pertinent information in Chatter beginning on December 1.
  • Revised Submission Spreadsheet: We've updated the submission spreadsheet to make requests easier to submit and easier for all parties involved in the work to understand. We'll discuss the new submission form at this week's team meeting.

Cvent Subscription Forms to Form Assembly

  • Existing Subscriptions: The eComm team is migrating Cvent subscription forms to Form Assembly based on those identified last week (tab 2: Cvent Subscription). Melanie Jones will coordinate MEC approval of forms with the deadline of sunsetting all Cvent subscriptions by EOY. 
  • New SubscriptionsFollow three steps to get a new subscription form created by the system office. Requests will take 3 days to complete.  

Collaborative Communities

  • Action: We launched the Marketing Cloud/Salesforce and Cvent User Groups last week and will begin posting content soon. Don't forget to update your preferences to engage in the conversation.
  • IMPORTANT: Please be mindful of how you are posting within Salesforce Chatter Groups. Remember:
    • MEC conversations must occur in the private MECs Chatter Group.
    • Do not @eComm Marketing Cloud/Salesforce Users or @eComm Cvent Users.

Cvent Sunsetting Legacy Reports & Parked Reports

  • Update: Cvent is replacing its 'old' reports (known as Legacy Reports) with 'new' reports (labeled as Reports). Parked Reports will also sunset and be replaced with Portals. Melanie Jones will provide more details at this week's team meeting. 
    • Dec. 15, 2020: Unable to create new or save Legacy Reports. Previously saved Reports will be available to run, although they can't be modified and saved.
    • Mid-Year, 2021: Legacy Reports and Parked Reports will be removed from the account. No data is being removed; it will now only be available via new Reports.

New/Updated Wikis & Resources

Ongoing Data Monitoring