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MEC Weekly Digest | May 25, 2021

Cvent Classic Sunsetting

  • Issue: Cvent Classic is sunsetting in 2021, and users will no longer be able to create Classic events on July 1. Classic events created before July 1 can be launched until Dec. 31, 2021.
  • Solution: Communications alerting all licensed users of these timelines will continue. We also conducted an audit last week and identified 10 license holders that have made Classic events in 2021 but no Flex events - indicating they have not adopted Flex. We will reach to these users individually this week and CC the MEC to ensure they have the necessary support.

Cvent Legacy Reports & Parked Reports Sunsetting

  • Issue: Cvent Legacy Reporting along with Parked Reports are sunsetting on July 1, 2021.
  • Solution: Migrate Legacy or 'old' Cvent Reports to the new Reporting interface. Instead of leveraging Parked Reports, publish new Reports to the Portal.

SSL Certificates Resolved

  • Update: SFMC applied our SSL certificates last Friday, so images should now appear as normal in Chrome (including both images in Marketing Cloud and on our preference center pages).
  • Special Thanks: Please join me in thanking Lisa Carr and Rebecca Lankford for their ongoing work on this project. We encountered a number of delays with this process on the Salesforce side, and Lisa and Rebecca's persistence ultimately got us over the finish line. Way to go, team!

June Provisioning

  • Action Required: June license changes are just around the corner. Please be sure to get your provisioning requests in by the last day of May, along with a review of monthly license changes with a comment of approval on the Chatter announcement.
    • Provisioning will begin on Tuesday, June 1.
    • Credentials will be available to new users on Thursday, June 3

Marketing Cloud View in Browser Language

  • Issue: The current global header in Marketing Cloud ("To view this email as a web page, go here") is not accessible.
  • Solution: Jen Mortensen is working with SFMC support to change the global header to "View in Browser." We'll provide additional updates as they are available.

New/Updated Wikis

Updates on Outstanding Issues

  • Advance IDs Deleted from Salesforce: UIS Integrations team continuing to investigate.
  • GeoPointe Address Fields: Work is continuing on GeoPointe address fields.
  • Org Tree Reporting Hierarchy: Work is continuing on the org tree reporting hierarchy.

Ongoing Data Monitoring