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MEC Weekly Digest | June 8, 2020

Six-Month Login Review

  • Update: Jen Mortensen will be reviewing user login data today and will share a list of users who have not logged in for six months via Chatter tomorrow. Additional instructions will be provided in the Chatter post.
  • Timeline:
    • MECs should plan to review this data to identify anyone we should not deprovision by Friday, June 12.
    • Jen Mortensen will send a deprovisioning notification to users on the spreadsheet on Monday, June 15.
    • Jen Mortensen will submit deprovisioning requests for these users on Monday, June 22.

IER Update

  • Update: SFMC is continuing to work to load missing IER data. We don't know when this process will be complete, but we will keep you informed as we learn more.

Reports with Furloughed Employees

  • Issue: In the May 18 digest, we reported that there was concern that furloughed employees wouldn't appear in reports due to their action being = D.
  • Update: Jessica Raab determined that although we initially thought action = D, furloughed employees will appear with an action = U, so they will still appear in reports.

Dashboards for all Business Units

  • Issue: Many users have requested dashboards similar to the one that appears on the Salesforce homepage.
  • Solution: Salesforce dashboards can be created with filters to breakdown CU's data. Viewing data filtered on business unit and time period makes the dashboard easier to digest and actionable for users. Melanie Jones is working to create campus and business unit-specific dashboards for email sends to be shared with users in our June communication.
    • Additional dashboards containing event and IER data will be available in the future. Thanks to Melanie for her great work on this project.

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