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MEC Weekly Digest | May 18, 2020

Good News to Share

  • eComm ROI: Many of you have been asking for better documentation re: eComm's ROI as you have conversations with your users and with campus leadership. Jen Mortensen worked with Claire Hamilton to develop an eComm ROI PDF. We'll be adding it to the eComm website this week.
  • Cvent User Survey: To date, over 30 Cvent users have completed the user assessment. We are extending the deadline to try and gather as much information as we can. Jen Mortensen will send a survey reminder today and will report back on the data collected by the end of the week.
  • Upcoming MEC Meeting: Our next team meeting will be held on Thursday, May 28 from 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.

SFMC Connector Refresh and Negative Send Data

  • Connector Refresh: We are still awaiting final confirmation from SFMC re: their ability to assist with the connector refresh attempt on May 27. As such, we have not yet sent the downtime announcement to users. Jen Mortensen will inform the team as soon as additional information is available.
  • Negative Send Data: Jen Mortensen worked with SFMC to replace past negative send data with the correct data from MC. The fix has been enabled, but the final step involves us manually clicking "Request Tracking Immediately" to populate the correct data. Sadly, the "Request Tracking Immediately" option does not work right now due to the broken SFMC connector. As soon as the connector is fixed, the eComm team at System will work to correctly populate the correct data for the negative sends. We should not see negative data for sends now and into the future.

Active Enrollment Status Issue

  • Issue: CU Boulder recently identified an issue with the active enrolled field.
  • Impact: Depending on when a semester ends, students' active enrollment may change BEFORE finals. For example, the spring semester at CU Boulder ended on May 6, which was before finals occurred. As such, even though students who were not enrolled for a future term still had to take finals (such as seniors), their active enrolled status became = N, which prevented them from receiving communications.
  • Solution: Jessica Raab is working with the COE to determine how to correct this issue and is involving Jen Mortensen so the impact on all of the campuses can be considered. More information will be available soon.

Reporting for Furloughed Employees

  • Issue: We need to be sure that furloughed employees can still receive communications despite changes on the employment record. The COE is reporting that furloughs will be recorded in the same way as leaves of absence, which means that the action for these employees will be = D. Jessica Raab has been working with the COE on addressing this issue, and we'll have more information available soon.

Q3 Email Preference Requests

  • Update: If you have any email preferences submissions for Q3 of CY20, please submit them by June 1 on the Q3 tab of our email preferences spreadsheet.   

eComm User and License Management Policy

  • Update: As you already know, we've been discussing the ways in which we can more effectively manage our users and licenses from the point of discovery forward. Jen Mortensen drafted an eComm user and license management policy for MEC review and discussion at the upcoming team meeting on May 28. Most of the information contained in this document captures what we believe we've already agreed upon as a team but that we may have not yet captured in a clearly articulated format. Please take a look at your convenience and feel free to share your comments/feedback.

User Dashboard

  • Update: A User Dashboard is available to help have a pulse on new, existing and passed users. Use the Dashboard Filter in the top-left to view your specific users (image below). Melanie Jones will be contacting you for a brief conversation to review the Dashboard and address any questions.

User Dashboard

Updated eComm Page

  • Pre-Access Requirements | Links to courses now open directly within SkillSoft so users no longer need to search.

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