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MEC Weekly Digest | July 12, 2019

Blank and/or Inconsistent Email Preferences

  • Issue: Over the last several months, many MECs have reported inconsistencies in the Email Opt Out field (for example, opting a contact out of all emails one day and then noticing they've been opted back in (usually by Lisa Carr) the next. 
  • Impact: This means that we are not correctly honoring our constituents' email preferences.
  • Solution: We have identified one component of this issue as a lack of consistent data between Salesforce and the Advance source system. Since there is no bidirectional integration between Salesforce and Advance, changes that MECs or the MC Sys Admin Agent make to the Email Opt Out Field never get back to Advance. Thus, the Email Opt Out Field is overwritten during the nightly data load from Advance to Salesforce.
  • Work-Around: We are still determining a long-term solution and associated timing issues to address this problem. Currently, the workaround is that the System team will send a weekly change file to Advancement Records so that Email Opt Out values can be updated in the source system to match those in Salesforce. See our wiki "Workflow: Managing the Email Opt Out Field in Salesforce" for more information about this process. Once Records completes the changes, the System team will ensure that the appropriate values are also reflected in Marketing Cloud. More information, particularly about opting subscribers back in, will be available in the near future.

MC Profile Attributes and Data Extensions

  • Issue: We've noticed that newly-added Marketing Cloud profile attributes (excluding first name, last name, and email address) are not populating correctly when sending to a data extension. (Note: profile attributes are the data tags that we use to personalize communications).
  • Impact: Data extension sends that include profile attributes other than the three mentioned above will not populate correctly.
  • Solution: Jen Mortensen and Kayla Gronseth Boyer have a case open with Marketing Cloud about this issue and are awaiting resolution.
  • Work-Around: If you are using profile attributes other than first name, last name, and email address, do not send to a data extension for the time being. Please send to a report instead or contact Jen Mortensen to get your email send added to the Marketing Cloud case.

Unusual MC03 Subscriber Behavior Related to MC 01

  • Issue: We have encountered a few situations in which subscriber email addresses in MC03 are not populating with the correct email address data from CRM03.
  • Impact: Subscribers who are affected by this issue are not able to receive communications. 
  • Solution: Nonie Roberts determined that this issue is caused by a subscriber error in MC01. By deleting the subscriber record in both MC01 and in MC03, she was able to solve the problem.
  • Work-Around: If you encounter a subscriber whose email address is not updating in MC03 from CRM03, please contact Jen Mortensen so that she and Nonie Roberts can correct the problem.

MC03 Subscriber Opt Outs

  • Issue: During the migration, MC01 subscribers who were opted out of specific email preference categories (excluding opting out of all emails) could not be migrated to MC03 as active subscribers in order for eComm to maintain CAN-SPAM compliance. As such, these subscribers were migrated as unsubscribed individuals in MC03.
  • Impact: Subscribers who opted out of a single email category in MC01 (such as CU Connections, for example) are now opted out of all emails in MC03. Since the change occurred in MC, however, they still appear as opted into all emails in Salesforce.
  • Solution: There is no broad solution for this issue. Cases must be solved on a individual subscriber basis.
  • Work-Around: If you encounter a subscriber who is opted into all emails in Salesforce but marked as Email Opt Out in MC, contact Jen Mortensen to reactivate the subscriber.