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Export Tracking Data

Interested in pulling analytic information for sends from Marketing Cloud? Checkout the easiest way to export these details to Excel. 

  • Login to Marketing Cloud with your username
    • NOTE: If you are trying to login to the old org (pre-May 2019), remember that you do not use your -mc03 username
  • Navigate to Email Studio > Email
  • Select Tracking > Sends

Overview of Analytics

  • Select all sends, and click on Compare Email Sends in the top
    • NOTE: You will have to repeat this step for each page (see bottom right)

Select Email Sends to Compare

  • ​Select Export to download an Excel file

Export Email Send Comparison

Detailed Analytics

  • To export in-depth data for a specific email send (including the targeted lists), click on the Email Name, and then Export

Export Detailed Email Send

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