The COE announced a reporting workshop for eComm Specialists that will occur in January 2019.
Learn about how journeys in Marketing Cloud will migrate to the new environment during the eComm upgrade.
Learn about a Salesforce enhancement that is part of the eComm upgrade: field change history.
Review the December 14, 2018 eComm upgrade announcement and associated project website.
CU policies require throttling sends to large audiences that occur during business hours at a rate of no more than 18,000/hour (or five messages per second) to avoid overloading CU's servers. Learn how.
Finding the best email design for your school, college, or program is an ongoing process.
Schedule your message based on email send reports that indicate when your audience is most likely to engage with the content.
Photos give you the opportunity to brand your emails, make them more visually interesting, and get constituents interested in your offerings.
Strive to create content that is meaningful and relevant for your readers.
Your email design starts with what people see right away: the subject line.