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Selecting Your Audience

Emails should be sent to the smallest group of individuals possible while still reaching the intended audience. This prevents email fatigue and also allows you to communicate with your constituents about what matters most to them. 

Luckily, the vast amount of data housed in Salesforce allows you and your eComm Specialist to build audience reports based on a variety of criteria including education (college/school, major, minor, grad year, degree level, honors, etc.), interests (scholarships, athletics, etc.), and geographic location (zip codes, city, state, region, etc.). 

Examples of strategic audience segmentation include:

  • If your email pertains to faculty or staff in a particular school or college, send your email only to those faculty and staff, not to all faculty and staff.
  • If your email pertains to all students in a particular major or class year, send your email only to those students, not to all students.
  • If your email pertains to alumni who graduated in a specific year from a specific program, send your email only to those alumni, not to all alumni.

Work with your eComm Specialist to build reports that segment your audience and maximize the effectiveness of your communications.

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