Emailing Donors with eComm

Advancement communications are intended to be sent through eComm - and there are processes in place to achieve this. In order to capture your desired audience, you will have to work with both Advancement Reporting and your eComm specialist. Follow these four steps to reach your objective:

SOLICITATIONS Ensure your ecomm specialist notifies the Central Advancement eComm team that you’re planning to send an email to donors.

1 | Define Audience

Define your audience. This might include: 

  • First time donors
  • $5K+ donors

2 | Submit Request to Advancement

Submit a request for an EID (Advance ID) list, with the complete audience definition, to

IMPORTANT While physical mailing reports can be pulled through Advance, email addresses cannot. However, the Electronic Communications (eComm) Program is able to assist with email requests. They have a robust set of tools to ensure compliance to federal legislation like CAN-SPAM as well as branded template options and current email address information for CU constituents, including donors.

3 | Provide EID (Advance ID) List to eComm

Send the EID (Advance ID) list to your eComm specialist with a request to create an email audience list. They have access to upload this list to Salesforce, which allows you to email the audience via Marketing Cloud.

Columns should include:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • EID (Advance ID)

4 | Send Marketing Cloud Email

Send your Marketing Cloud email to the Report or Data Extension that your eComm specialist created.