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MEC Weekly Digest | September 8, 2020

Q4 Email Preferences Reminder

  • Action: If you have email preference submissions for Q4 of CY20, please add them to the email preferences management spreadsheet by Monday, September 14.

September Login History Audit

  • Update: Jen Mortensen will begin conducting the September login history audit on September 8. She will post relevant updates to the group via Chatter.

Cvent Subscription Form Update: Form Assembly

  • Update: After determining that Dashcord was not an option to replace Cvent subscription forms, the COE successfully identified an alternative option that meets eComm's requirements: Form Assembly. The COE estimates that moving Cvent subscription forms to Form Assemble could save roughly $25,000 annually.
  • Next Steps: The project team saw a demo of Form Assembly on September 2 and agreed that it is a promising solution. Additional work will occur between the COE and the project team during the week of September 7. We'll have more information on the path forward soon.

Chatter Free Licenses for Cvent-Only Users

  • Update: Daniella Torres successfully identified and implemented a solution to add Cvent-only users to Salesforce Chatter groups. On September 4, she completed adding all Cvent users to the new Salesforce Chatter notification group.

Chatter Engagement Dashboard

  • Update: Melanie Jones worked with the COE to enable Chatter engagement dashboards in Salesforce. This gives us a good sense of where we are as a team but also sets the stage for future engagement with our advanced users. Melanie will be working on customizing the dashboard in the coming weeks.

Content Detective Error

  • Issue: Some eComm users have been reporting that Content Detective is giving them an error stating that email deliverability might be affected by the presence of 4U in the content, even though 4U does not appear.
  • Resolution: We worked with a Marketing Cloud case manager and determined that this is a known bug. There is no fix, but deliverability will not be affected. 

IER Archival Complete

  • Update: The COE has completed archival of IERs older than 90 days. If you need to access the archive, please contact Jennifer Mortensen.

Ongoing TaskRay Tasks & Data Monitoring