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MEC Weekly Digest | June 14, 2021

June Last Login Audit

  • Reminder: If you haven't already done so, please complete column E of the last login spreadsheet (June 2021 tab) by close of business today. Jen Mortensen will be sending notifications to users this week.

Q3 Business Unit and Preference Requests

  • Action: If you haven't already done so, please submit your Q3 business unit and email preference requests by this Friday, June 18. Contact Jen Mortensen if you have any questions or concerns.

Cvent Credit Card Storage for Delayed Processing

  • Issue: Last week, we discovered that Cvent allows event planners to select the payment option "Process Payment at a Later Time."
  • Impact: This setting presents a PCI security issue because it allows Cvent to store credit card information for users to export and potentially process externally.
  • Solution: While we are not aware of users selecting this option, we are working with Cvent to determine if it can be disabled in our account. We should have more information this week and will keep you informed. 

Marketing Cloud View in Browser Language

  • Update: Jen Mortensen is continuing to work with our Salesforce case manager on updating the default Marketing Card header to be "View in Browser." After repeated testing, we have not been able to implement an org-wide change in MC03, although Lisa Carr has had more success in MC01. Lisa and Jen will be talking with our Salesforce account team today to determine what is causing the different behavior between the orgs. 

Marketing Cloud User Accessibility

  • Issue: We've been notified that we have a Marketing Cloud user who has accessibility needs. While we worked to test Marketing Cloud email accessibility (for the email recipient) during the original implementation, user accessibility testing did not occur.
  • Next Steps: We are working with the CU Boulder accessibility team to conduct limited testing related to the specific needs of this particular user this week. We will have more information soon.

Marketing Cloud Automation Studio Error

  • Issue: We identified an issue in Automation Studio that prevents users from selecting Salesforce Send Emails as part of the automation. When attempting to select a Salesforce Send Email, we receive a message that says Marketing Cloud failed to determine if the user was integrated.
  • Next Steps: Jen Mortensen and Lisa Carr have been working with a case manager to determine the root cause of this issue. The case manager has recommended that we review our connector settings. We are in the process of that assessment and hope to have more information soon.

Updates on Outstanding Issues

  • GeoPointe Address Fields: Work is continuing on GeoPointe address fields.

Ongoing Data Monitoring