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MEC Weekly Digest | July 19, 2019

General Updates

  • CRM03 License Object: The COE has completed work on the license object in CRM03. Melanie Jones and Daniella Torres are currently testing and will be rolling this out to the team soon.  
  • TaskRay: The COE has added TaskRay to CRM03 and is currently provisioning all eComm specialists. The System team will conduct final testing and will roll this out to the larger team soon.  

Cvent Fundraising Event Required Fields

  • Issue: Cvent fundraising event registration forms lack a required field regarding gift receipts and gift credit.
  • Impact: The CU Foundation gift processing team cannot easily determine to whom a gift receipt and gift credit should be issued. This inability slows the gift processing involved with fundraising events.
  • Solution: When creating registration forms for fundraising events, users are required to include a registration question regarding gift receipts for companies and where gift credit should be issued. Once the question has been added, it needs to be marked as required. This allows the CU Foundation to determine who receives credit for the donation (for example, a company rather than an individual).
  • Work-Around: There is no work-around. Documentation and a complete Cvent fundraising event guide can be found in the eComm wiki.

MEC Weekly Digest Archive

  • Issue: The MECs asked the System team to create an archive of MEC weekly digests.
  • Impact: This will enable MECs to easily search for content without searching through their emails.
  • Solution: The System team created a MEC weekly digest as part of the eComm wiki. MECs can view the weekly digest homepage on the eComm website.