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MEC Weekly Digest | January 4, 2021

January Provisioning Update

Some Advance IDs Deleted in Salesforce

  • Issue: The Advancement team identified an issue where Advance IDs are being deleted from Salesforce despite still being present in the source system. Over 1,000 Advance IDs have been deleted in the last 90 days (see report).
  • Impact: If you are matching contacts using Advance IDs, some contacts present in Salesforce may not match if the Advance ID has been deleted.
  • Solution: Daniella Torres is investigating with UIS.
  • Work-Around: Be aware of this issue when matching on Advance ID and manually add contacts with missing Advance IDs to your campaign when needed.

January Login Audit

  • Jen Mortensen will be conducting the January user login audit this week and will have results ready for the MECs by Wednesday, Jan. 6. Users will receive notification emails on Monday, Jan. 11.

Annual SkillSoft Audit Coming Soon

  • Melanie Jones is conducting the annual SkillSoft audit soon and will provide more information in Chatter as the process begins. Note:
    • Users will be emailed directly and asked to reply with screenshots to
    • MECs will become involved after numerous unanswered reminders

Email Preference Requests for Q1 of CY21

  • Jen Mortensen submitted our email preference and business unit requests for Q1 of CY21 to the COE team on 12/18/20. The COE is currently reviewing our requests, and more information on completion timelines will be available soon.

Last Cvent Report and Portal Training

  • Melanie Jones will be hosting the final Cvent Report and Portal Training on Thursday, Jan. 14 from 11 - 11:30 a.m. If you haven't already attended a session, please plan to join us and encourage your Cvent users to do the same.

Ongoing Data Monitoring