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eComm Upgrade | Marketing Cloud Changes

Marketing Cloud looks the same, but we've streamlined audience selection.



The good news is, you can simply continue to use the page to log into Marketing Cloud. If you bookmarked the link, you should update it to:

  • Your username is your university email, with -mc03 added before the @
  • Use the password: Welcome@1 when logging in for the first time
  • Answer the security questions then reset your password


Report & Data Extension Name Change

You Inclusion audience Report or Data Extension now automatically only includes individuals subscribed to your preference category. To communicate this change, we changed the report names. You'll now notice SUB text near the end of the Report or Data Extension name. This indicates what Email Preference Category the audience is subscribed to and the content of communication you are sending. For example:

  • 08 UREL OG Degreed Alumni SUB UCCS Events
    • Subscribed to UCCS Event Emails
  • 08 UREL OG Degreed Alumni SUB UCB Alumni 
    • Subscribed to CU Boulder Alumni Association Emails

Commercial Naming Convention
Transactional Naming Convention


Sending Email Process Change (We Think You'll Like It!)

You no longer need to select an UNSUB report as an exclusion when sending an email. Why? Because only those subscribed to your communication are in your Inclusion. We wanted to give you one less thing to think about when sending your emails.

You must read your audience Report or Data Extension carefully to ensure your sending to the right audience, that's subscribed to the right preference category.

Transfer of Assets

Items from the last environment tranferred to the new one - so you'll hardly notice a difference. This includes:

  • All email studio content (note the z_migration folder no longer exist. The folder structure and all it's assets were tranferred).
  • From Information or Send Classifications


Historical Tracking will NOT transfer

Export this information from the current environment while you still have access or contact your eComm specialist.