Supervisor Community of Practice (COP)


  • Build a community of practice among supervisors at CU System
  • Develop skills necessary for managing teams
  • Share best practices, network and learn ways to manage effectively


  • Explore Change Management and Change Leadership 
  • Small group interactions
  • Sharing of best practices

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COP 2015-2016: Mark your calendars!

Time and location: 8:30-9:30 a.m. in the 1st Floor Conference Room.

We'll update this schedule with topics and attachments as they become available.

Topic Date
Group Feedback Session: Building This Year's Program 9/16/2015
Change Management: The Nuts and Bolts
Power Point Presentation
Human Motivation and Creating Buy-In
Power Point Presentation
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Worksheet
Due to the Elevate project, December will be rescheduled 12/16/2015
Performance Evaluations
Power Point Presentation
Employee Self Evaluation Example
Performance Management Example (For University Staff)
Link to Performance Management Learning Guide
Link to Employee Services Performance Management Information/Forms
coming soon 2/17/2016
coming soon 3/16/2016
coming soon 4/20/2016
coming soon 5/18/2016
coming soon 6/15/2016

COP Archive

September 2014 - June 2015

Topic Date
Overview of the 7 Habits
Personal Effectiveness Quotient (PEQ)
9 Most Common Human Challenges Worksheet
Habit 1- Be Proactive
Power Point Presentation
Habit 2 - Begin With the End in Mind
Power Point Presentation
Habit 3 - Put First Things First
Power Point Presentation
Performance Management Part 1: Preparing for the Review
Habit 4 - Think Win/Win
Power Point Presentation
Habit 5 - Seek First to Understand
Power Point Presentation
Habit 6 - Synergize 4/15/2015
Habit 7 - Sharpen the Saw
Power Point Presentation
My Self Care Plan
7 Habits - Review
Power Point Presentation

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