Faculty must submit election forms by July 10

Did you know faculty members who don't receive pay during the summer can defer funds from their 9-month contracts to be paid out throughout June, July and August?

To do so, they must submit the Faculty Election Form to your office. Once you've finished processing the form, please send it to Employee Services by end of business on Thursday, July 10, 2014.

The Faculty Election Form is required when:

  • a new faculty member requests to be paid on a 9-pay-12 contract type; or
  • a continuing faculty member was previously paid on a 9-pay-9 contract, but now elects the 9-pay-12 contract type.

Changes made through this form only apply to faculty members' base contract pay (BASEC) from their academic appointments. The change does not require these employees to change their working appointments from nine months to 12.

Once approved, these elections cannot be changed until the 2015-16 calendar year, and they will remain in effect until the employee makes changes. Any changes requested after we've processed payment for the 2014-15 academic year won't be applied until the next.

Important processing information

  • Please store original completed forms within your department and forward copies of these forms to Employee Services by Thursday, July 10.
  • New faculty members hired after June 30, 2014, will have 30 days from their hire date to make this election.
  • If any faculty member rescinds participation in the 9-pay-12 contract type, your department is responsible for changing the contract type to 9-pay-9 in the HRMS after the salary upload process is completed for the current academic year.

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