You'll have access to Anthem's nationwide network of physicians and facilities under this Anthem-administered plan. A Primary Care Physician is not required, and members can refer themselves to doctors of their choice within Anthem's network, including specialists.

There is no out-of-network coverage except for urgent and/or emergency care.

Features and Considerations
Plan Type PPO - Anthem's Nationwide Network

$750 per Individual (each member must meet their $750)

$1,500 Family Max (2+ members)

10% coinsurance after deductible is met

Out-of-Pocket Limit $7,900/Individual; $15,800/Family
Office Visit PCP - $40/visit
Specialist - $50/visit
Urgent Care - $40/visit

Office visit copays do not apply toward the deductible.
Emergency Care $250 copay (waived if admitted)
Prescription Drug (Rx)
30-day supply

Tier 1 $15
Tier 3 $50

Tier 2 $35
Tier 4 $75
Mail Order Rx Available for 90-day supply for maintenance medications (not required)