Vacation and Sick Leave

Supervisors of employees earning vacation and sick leave must record usage and verify leave balances on a monthly basis.

Campus departments should confirm the appropriate monthly reporting period for leave reporting with their human resources department. The hiring department must maintain accurate leave balances for employees in Human Capital Management (HCM). Correct balances are very important; they impact leave usage, leave balance conversion processes and final pay for employees.

Because the department, not  HCM, maintains the official leave record for an employee, departments must maintain leave records and balances, and get appropriate signatures from both the employee and the employee's supervisor. This confirms there is an agreement between employee and supervisor on the correct balances on an ongoing basis.

Leave accruals, usage and payouts are subject to various maximum limits. Employees may use leave hours above the maximum accrual limits (i.e., until the hours over the maximum limit are wiped at the end of each fiscal year). However, there are limitations on how much an employee can be paid for leave hours upon termination or retirement. As a result, employees may lose the value of accrued leave hours that have exceeded the allowed limits.

Please read the appropriate leave policies for each employee type:

Classified Staff

University Staff (formerly Exempt Professionals) and Others