When international employees and international students conduct their initial meeting with the International Tax Office, they need to submit certain personal documents. Learn more about submitting those documents online securely. 

Submit International Tax appointment documents

The initial meeting with the International Tax Office helps international employees and students make sense of their U.S. — and international — tax obligations. To conduct this meeting, the tax office needs to review some important documents that contain sensitive personal information such as your passport, Form I-9 and any immigration documents you have.

 A meeting with the International Tax office is mandatory for all new international employees and international students who receive a stipend.

Because these meetings take place virtually using conference software, your documents will need to be submitted electronically. Please don’t email these documents. We have established a secure submission form that enables you to submit your documents safely.

Submit your documents


Submit other documents

This form can also be used anytime you need to submit new documents or updated immigration forms.

To complete the form and submit your documents, you will need to provide:

  • Your first and last name
  • Email address
  • Campus where you work or study
  • Relationship to the university (employee or student)
  • The date of your scheduled appointment
  • Name of International Tax staff member that your appointment is scheduled with
  • A digital copy of the document or documents you are submitting. Acceptable formats include PDF, .jpg, .png and .tif.

Submit your documents