System Administration follows University of Colorado policy as written and has no additional policy regarding this topic. 

Paid Parental Leave

System Administration offers 160 hours or four weeks paid leave to 12-month faculty, university staff or classified staff following the birth, adoption, foster placement or guardianship of a child, per Administrative Policy 5062. This must be used consecutively and within the first year of the qualifying event. This policy is effective for births, adoptions, foster placements or guardianship of a child on or after July 1, 2018. 

In addition to the 160 hours provided under the paid parental leave benefit, staff must use their sick and vacation time to be compensated for their absence prior to using unpaid leave, per Regent Policy 11E


A regular 12-month faculty, university staff or classifed staff employee is eligible for paid parental leave if the employee has worked for 12 consecutive months in a 50% or greater appointment at the university immediately prior to the date of birth, adoption, foster care placement or guardianship of a child.

To request parental leave:

  1. Fill out the online FMLA Request Form
  2. Fill out the Parental Leave Agreement form and obtain supervisor signature.
  3. Return Parental Leave Agreement form to
  4. Human Resources will sign the final line and send a copy back to you for your files.

Review our Paid Parental Leave Policy FAQ.