Here's what to do if bad weather strikes.

Who decides when System closes?

The Senior Vice President & Chief of Staff or a designee will decide if 1800 Grant is closed during inclement weather. The CU System Administration office at 1800 Grant St. will follow the closure protocols for the CU Denver on the Auraria campus. System Administration employees residing on a campus should make appropriate decisions based on their campus location.

  Review CU System's Inclement Weather Policy for more information.

How will I learn about closures?

We'll send you an email and/or text message through our RAVE alert system. CU System Administration follows the weather closure or delayed start decision made for our CU Denver campus. You'll receive CU Denver's weather closure and delay alerts, followed by a confirmation from CU System’s RAVE alert system.

CU System Administration employees are automatically enrolled to receive email alerts but must opt-in to receive alerts via text message.

If you are a System Administration or campus employee and would like to receive text message alerts about System office closures, please complete the registration form. You can also use this form to unsubscribe.

When an alert goes out, employees should work directly with their supervisor to determine their schedule or flexibility needed.

As a remote/hybrid employee, do I have to work?

Employees who work from home continue to work during inclement weather closure.

If unable to perform their duties remotely or need to care for children, family members, or have other commitments, they can work with their supervisor to accommodate needs.

What happens if I am affected by inclement weather and am unable to work some or all of the day? (i.e. school closures, power outages, etc.)

Employees should work with their supervisors to understand critical needs for the day and work with their team to meet those needs.

  • Supervisors may grant employees can use administrative time when affected by the weather, and are encouraged to be flexible.
    • Sick leave may be used during inclement weather in limited circumstances. See details in CU's Leave Policy, section A, Usage section items E and F.
  • Supervisors should be flexible with their staff. This means offering administrative leave, working with employees to adjust meetings or workload for the day, and being consistent with this messaging to all team members.
  • Employees and supervisors should offer flexibility and grace to colleagues who may need to work different schedules or make adjustments to their day. 

Who has to come into work during inclement weather?

Essential CU System employees are required to work during inclement weather closures and cannot earn administrative leave pay. Essential services include personnel required to maintain or protect the health, safety or physical wellbeing of campus personnel, academic mission and facilities. 

How do I know if I'm essential personnel?

Your supervisor will let you know if you're considered essential personnel.

Do I have to work if the office has a delayed start or an early closure due to weather?

For delayed starts:

  • Employees working remotely will start their work days at the normal start time.
  • Employees required to go to 1800 Grant should check with their supervisors regarding their schedule. They may start their work day at the delayed start time or work remotely and reschedule their in-office day to another time.

For early closures:

  • Employees working in-person may finish their work day early.
  • However, supervisors are encouraged to be flexible with staff needs regardless of work location.

My office is located at another CU campus. Which closure policy do I follow?

CU System employees with offices and/or locations on another campus will follow their campus weather closure policies.

How do a record time off for inclement weather?

During inclement weather, if you are able to perform your job remotely, please do so. Otherwise, please use the information below to track time not worked.

  • If you are a regular employee already on approved sick, vacation or other type of leave when there is a closure, administrative leave cannot be substituted for the approved leave.
  • If you are an essential services employee who is required to work during a closure, administrative leave cannot be granted to be used at a later date.
  • Non-exempt employees must enter administrative leave for time not worked during an inclement weather closure on your time sheet in My Leave, as approved at the supervisor’s discretion. If you can perform your work remotely, you should do so. 
  • You are not eligible for paid administrative leave if you are a temporary employee, retiree working in a temporary position, or student employee.