CU employees enjoy a up to 11 paid holidays a year.

CU System Administration holiday schedule

2024 Date Day of the Week Holiday
Jan. 1 Monday New Year’s Day
Jan. 15 Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Day
May 27 Monday Memorial Day
June 19 Wednesday Juneteenth
July 4 Thursday Independence Day
Sept. 2 Monday Labor Day
Nov. 28 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
Nov. 29 Friday The day after Thanksgiving
Dec. 25 Wednesday Christmas Day
Dec. 26 Thursday In observance of Christmas Eve
Dec. 27 Friday Personal/Admin Day
Dec. 30 Monday Personal/Admin Day
Dec. 31 Tuesday New Year’s Eve

Campus holiday schedules

For employees of campuses observing alternate holiday schedules, the alternate schedules are used in the application of all provisions of the holiday leave rules for classified employees. For example, if Presidents' Day, which is normally observed in February, is observed in June under an alternate holiday schedule, and an employee quits in April after having worked the statutory holiday (before the holiday is observed by the campus). In this scenario, the employee is not paid holiday leave on termination for having worked the statutory date. However, an employee who begins work in April is paid for the alternate holiday when it is observed in June.

Holiday leave for flex schedules

Full-time employees are entitled to eight hours of holiday leave for each holiday. If an employee is on a nine-hour or 10-hour flex schedule, either a leave slip must be submitted for the extra one or two hours for the holiday, or the employee must arrange to make up the time during the same week in which the holiday occurs.

For a full-time employee to receive a full day of holiday leave, he/she must work or be on paid leave status for either the last scheduled work day before the holiday or the first scheduled workday after the holiday (both are not required). The employee may be on unpaid leave status for the other days of the month without affecting his/her holiday leave eligibility. Contact your campus human resources department for specific examples.

Part-time holiday leave

Holiday leave for part-time employees is pro-rated based on the number of hours an employee works or is on paid leave, in the month the holiday occurs.