The information on this page applies to CU System employees only.

Please consult the appropriate HR website for your campus:


Integrated Settings

All programs, services and activities offered by CU System Administration are to be provided in an integrated setting, appropriate to the needs of all participants, including persons with disabilities. Separate programs or activities for persons with disabilities may be considered only when there is no feasible way to provide an accommodation in an integrated setting.

Access to Physical Facilities and Spaces

System Administration's main office, 1800 Grant St., and all affiliated locations are accessible so that no individual with a disability is denied access. The program or activity must be made accessible through other suitable methods if it is scheduled in an inaccessible location. The department sponsoring the program or activity is responsible for informing participants of access procedures and coordinating access to an event, but may seek the assistance of Human Resources. The person requiring access is responsible for notifying the activity sponsor in a reasonable amount of time in advance.