February User Provisioning, Next Team Meeting, MFA Deadline Approaching, Salesforce & Marketing Cloud Security Review, Outstanding Issues, Ongoing Data Monitoring
MFA Deadline Approaching, VPN Requirement to Remain in Place, January Last Login Audit, Outstanding Issues, Ongoing Data Monitoring
Next Team Meeting, Security Vulnerability Update, December Last Login Audit, CY22 Q1 Email Preferences, Preferred Name, Outstanding Issues, New/Updated Wikis, Ongoing Data Monitoring
December Last Login Audit, Cvent New User Experience, Updates on Outstanding Issues, New/Updated Wikis, Ongoing Data Monitoring
Cvent's new design experience updates the look and feel of almost all their core products. Users can switch back and forth to the new experience for now, but come Dec. 1, 2021 it will be the only option. Learn more about the navigating the new user experience.
Leverage one of CU's branded templates to get an event launched without re-inventing the wheel.
Each Cvent event has a unique URL or Weblink that will become live when the event is launched. At eComm, we typically use the Summary weblink to invite folks to register for the event - included in a Marketing Cloud message.
You've launched your event and starting promoting it; naturally, there might be some management of invitees to occur. Cvent makes things easy - from registering someone or initiating a refund.
All done creating and testing your event? Contact your eComm specialist to approve your event. They will double-check numerous items; such as having an Event Planner Email Address and a CU brand compliance website along with correctly configured post-registration emails and financial information so money transfers to the right accounts, among other things. Then you will be ready for launch!
Get started right away by learning to create an event and registration website with Cvent.