Salesforce Public Groups

For organizations with a large number of Salesforce users, Public Groups optimize performance and bring efficiency. Given eComm's 300 person userbase with an average of 20 new licenses each month, we couldn't manage without Public Groups.

At eComm, we essentially create a public group for each unit/department (150) so all users in that unit/department have the same access. This is especially useful as new Salesforce users come onboard to a unit/department that already exists. Rather then needing to share everything with the new user individually, when they get access and become part of the public group they'll have access to anything shared with the public group.

It's important to note by default sharing is at the user level but can be changed in the dropdown. Select the head icon in the search box, then choose Public Group in the dropdown


Campus Public Groups

Users are also automatically added to a Public Group including all the Public groups for their campus. This allows the system office and/or eComm specialists to share with all the users of a particular campus via a single Public Group, rather than selecting numerous public groups (might be 10-70).

When sharing with a campus public group, search for '00' to find these campus level public groups.


FOR CHANGES TO PUBLIC GROUPS comment on the license object and