Post in Salesforce Chatter

Follow these simple steps to post in Chatter while controlling who sees your post.

  1. Login to Salesforce
  2. Navigate to the Chatter tab
  3. Select the group with whom you want to share your Chatter Post, listed on the left*
    • eComm specialists should select MECs to ensure all MECs will automatically have visibility
  4. Use @ symbol followed by the user name to send a direct message
  5. Click Share

NOTE *Failure to pick a group will share post visibility with all users.

How-to Post in Chatter with Salesforce Lightning

eComm Specialist Chatter Groups

eComm specialists have the option to have a Chatter group to communicate with the users they support.

  • System Team Reponsibilities
    • The System team will help create the Chatter group initially, add all existing users and continuelly add new users each month.
  • eComm Specialist Responsibilities
    • The eComm specialist will manage and monitor the Chatter group content. This might include:
      • a campus specific notification or session invitation
      • available content relevant to your users
      • addressing a common question
      • encouraging users to brainstorm together
    • To kick-off, ensure users know how to:

These Chatter Groups are not to replace the Marketing Cloud/Salesforce and Cvent Chatter groups with all users, managed by the system office.