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MEC Weekly Digest | June 14, 2022

Support Transition Update

  • Transition MOU: The transition MOU between UIS and CU Boulder has been signed and shared with campus CFOs (via Scott Munson and Marin Stanek).
  • Billing MOU: The System team has drafted a billing MOU that will be used increase transparency about how collected resources are used in support of the eComm program. Jen Mortensen is awaiting feedback from leadership on required signatures.
  • Billing Speedtypes: We are currently awaiting billing speedtypes from CU Boulder and CU Denver. Jen Mortensen will be following up with you this week to obtain this information.
  • Communications: In preparation for eComm's formal support transition on July 1, Jen Mortensen has prepared two communications that are ready for your review and comment.
    • User and Stakeholder Communication
    • Budget Team Communication
  • Actions Needed by June 20:
    • Please review the draft billing MOU and share your feedback.
    • Please review the draft user and budget team communications and share your feedback.

Sharing Campaigns in Salesforce

Cvent Cleanup

  • Correctly Identify Campus: We have seen numerous events launched with 'System' selected as the campus. Please encourage your users to identify their own campus when creating an event and confirm this detail during approval.
  • Un-Publish Reports in the Portal: There are many Reports in the Portal that appear to no longer be relevant. Please assist with clean-up by un-publishing any Reports that are no longer needed. 
  • Delete Events: Friendly reminder to add 'Delete' to the title of any events that you or a user wish to have deleted. Note, Completed and Archived events cannot be deleted.

Q3 Business Unit and Preference Requests

  • Action: Please submit your Q3 business unit and preference requests via the Q3 tabs of the tracking spreadsheet by June 30.

June Last Login Audit

  • Action: Please review the June 2022 tab of the last login spreadsheet and complete column E by Friday, June 17. Jen Mortensen will send user notifications on June 20.

New/Updated Wikis

Outstanding Issues

  • Multifactor Authentication: Some individuals have still not enrolled in MFA. Melanie will let you know who they are to encourage they take action or be deprovisioned.
  • Preferred Name: Work is underway. We will provide an update soon

Ongoing Data Monitoring