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MEC Weekly Digest | December 16, 2019

Cvent Integration Update and Reminder

  • Update: The COE is continuing to work with Cvent to resolve a few remaining Cvent integration issues related to registration status. We will keep you updated as work progresses.
    • There is still an issue with primary registrants marked as no show with their guests appearing as registered. The expected results for primary registrants and guests should be:
      • Primary Registrant = Attended; Guest = Attended
      • Primary Registrant = No Show; Guest = No Show
      • Primary Registrant = Canceled; Guest = Canceled
    • There are completed events with Campaign Members with a status of Registered. We would expect these to be marked as No Show.
  • Reminder - Action Needed: When reviewing and approving Cvent events, be sure that any integration information linking to CRM01 is deleted. The Salesforce integration fields in Cvent should be empty based on the new, automatic integration with CRM03.

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