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Cvent | Confirming Emails Were Delivered

  1. Access your reports. Begin by selecting your event. Hover over Reporting and, under Reports, click Standard Reports. Click Email Rates by Email. It may take a few minutes for your report to process.
  2. See how many were delivered and opened. The Totals section summarizes the following for every email sent from this event:
  • Sent shows you how many successfully arrived in an inbox.
  • Undeliverable tells you how many bounced back.
  • Undeliverable Rate divides the number you sent by those that bounced. You want this number to be low, around 10%.
  • Opened shows you how many recipients actually opened your email (and presumably read it).
  • Open Rate divides the number you sent by those that were opened. The higher the better. The average open rate for Cvent emails is 28%.

For full details and other related topics, checkout the complete tutorial from Cvent.

Cvent Tutorial Details
Once logged into Cvent, navigate to 'Help & Support' in the top right corner. Than search for the tutorial.
Cvent Video Name: Confirming Emails Were Delivered
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