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MEC Weekly Digest | November 4, 2019

October MEC Meeting Highlights

  • Thanks to all of you who were able to attend our October 31 MEC meeting. We appreciate your participation in the discussion and are summarizing a few key takeaways below. You can view meeting minutes online.
    • Success Story: Eric Nissen and Kayla Gronseth Boyer shared their campus' success with Playable. Kayla posted additional information in the MEC Chatter group for those of you who are interested.
    • SkillSoft Courses: Melanie will work with users who have not yet submitted their SkillSoft courses AFTER being provisioned so that they submit screen shots to her in time for training.
    • Training: The team decided to eliminate the virtual (live) training session and will be offering only in-person training at 1800 Grant and on-demand options going forward.
    • New User Verification Quiz: The quiz will be required for all new eComm users regardless of their learning path (pass rate = 80%). New users can take the quiz as many times as they need to, and Melanie Jones added both written and video question feedback to ensure users' success.

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Marketing Cloud Reporting

  • Issue: MECs have been struggling to run reports in Marketing Cloud.
  • Impact: It's sometimes challenging to access the type of robust data we need.
  • Solution: Melanie Jones opened a case with Marketing Cloud, and they determined that Discover Reporting was not enabled in our account. The case manager enabled it, and you should now have a much easier time viewing Marketing Cloud reports. Jennifer Mortensen and Melanie Jones are continuing to explore reporting in Marketing Cloud and will have more helpful tips available for you soon.
    • Tip: Remember that the location of Marketing Cloud reports has moved. You should now access them by navigating to Analytics Builder - Reporting.

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Data Inconsistency: Salesforce and Marketing Cloud

  • Summary: As summarized in the October 28 and October 14 weekly digests, we identified a data inconsistency between Salesforce and Marketing Cloud that is causing incorrect open rates to populate in Email Sends for some, but not all, emails.
  • Update: Jen Mortensen opened a case with Marketing Cloud, and they have launched an internal investigation. The SFMC team will be able to confirm the impact of this issue and potentially restore the tracking. They are currently building a tool to resolve this issue and will be fixing all cases that are tied to the investigation. Ideally, the database team will be able to restore the tracking, but if they cannot, their backend team will restore the tracking once work on the tool has been completed.

Cvent-Salesforce Integration Issue

  • Issue: There was a change in the integration between Cvent and Salesforce when we migrated from 01 to 03 (thanks to Tom Needy for being the first to discover this). A brief summary of the change is below.
    • In 01 after an event was completed, a Cvent registration status of Registered = a campaign member status of Registered in Salesforce.
    • In 03 after an event is completed, a Cvent registration status of Registered = a campaign member status of No Show in Salesforce. 
      • Example: Cvent event Y6NV346QN24 vs. its associated Salesforce campaign.
      • This is occurring because the Cvent integration assumes that we are using the Cvent tools as they are designed to be used in terms of marking participants as yes/no or recording event participation using OnArrival. If event participation is not recorded in Cvent, the Registered Status will automatically change to No Show three days after the event occurs.
  • Impact: This is causing some confusion for MECs and users who are hoping to track event history in Salesforce and were expecting to see a match in the status values based on how the integration had been configured in 01. This affects all event campaigns where the event date occurred after migration. Events that occurred before the migration are not affected.
  • Solution: Jen Mortensen briefly discussed this at the end of the October 31 MEC meeting, but additional conversations need to occur on how we want to move forward with this transition. A few options to consider as discussions continue are:
    • Attempt a more robust rollout of OnArrival
    • Enhance documentation about OnArrival and event participation in the eComm wiki
    • Offer additional user training on OnArrival, event participation, and the Cvent-Salesforce integration.
  • Outstanding items: Kalman Sweetwine and Jen Mortensen have been working with Cvent on this issue and there are a couple of outstanding issues we need to solve. Jen Mortensen will keep you posted as progress continues.
    • Canceled registrations in Cvent = canceled status in Salesforce, but only for the primary registrant. We are determining if we can update the integration so that the same rule applies to guests. 
    • There was originally an issue with the canceled status above matching for primary registrants between systems (the status was incorrectly labeled as No Show). We are exploring if Cvent can retroactively the canceled integration rule to previous events.

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