Creating Sender Profiles

A sender profile specifies the from information that display's in the recipient's inbox and drives where a message will be sent if they click 'reply'. The sender profile is made up of three different items. In this example we will use CU Connections, a weekly newsletter ditributed to CU employees.

NOTE Only eComm Specialists can create and modify Marketing Cloud sender profiles. If you need a sender profile added to your account, contact your eComm Specialist.

1. To begin creating a new sender profile (or to modify an existing one), navigate to the appropriate Business Unit, enter Email Studio, and then click Admin - Sender Profiles.

2. Click New to create a new sender profile, or click the name of an existing profile to modify it.

3. Configure your sender profile as follows:


  • Enter a sender profile name with the email address included to make distinguishing between similar names easier for your users (example: CU Connections (
  • Enter a sender profile description (example: Send from UCCS College of Business)

CU Connections Properties

Sender Information

  • Select "Use the specified information"
    • Enter a From Name (example: CU Connections)
    • Enter a From Email (example:

CU Connections Sender Information

NOTE You'll notice in the screen shot above that next to the From Email text box, there is a button that reads Verified. This means that the email address you entered is a sendable profile because it is already part of one of CU's verified sending domains:,,,,, or If you are creating a sender profile for a non-CU domain, read these instructions to verify your sender profile.

Custom Reply Mail Management Settings

  • Select "Use custom settings below"
  • Select "use specified information"
    • Enter a Name (required) (Example: CU Connections)
    • Enter an Address (required) (Example:

CU Connections Reply Mail Management

4. Click Save.