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Creating Sender Profiles

Marketing Cloud sender profiles specify the email from which a communication is sent (or the "from" email address), such as CU Office of the President, UCCS Alumni & Friends Association, or CU Anschutz School of Medicine. The sender profile also tells Marketing Cloud where to send reply emails from constituents. It's important to ensure that sender profiles are created correctly to streamline communications.


Only eComm Specialists can create and modify Marketing Cloud sender profiles. If you need a sender profile added to your account, contact your eComm Specialist.

1. To begin creating a new sender profile (or to modify an existing one), navigate to the appropriate Business Unit, enter Email Studio, and then click Admin - Sender Profiles.

2. Click New to create a new sender profile, or click the name of an existing profile to modify it.

3. Configure your sender profile as follows:


  • Enter a sender profile name WITH the email address included to make distinguishing between similar names easier for your users (example: UCCS College of Business (
  • Enter a sender profile description (example: Send from UCCS College of Business)


Sender Information

  • Select "Use the specified information"
    • Enter a From Name (example: UCCS College of Business)
    • Enter a From Email (example:

Sender Information

Custom Reply Mail Management Settings

  • Select "Use custom settings below"
  • Select "use specified information"
    • Enter a Name (required) (Example: UCCS College of Business)
    • Enter an Address (required) (Example:

Custom Reply Mail Management

4. Click Save.