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MEC Weekly Digest | January 10, 2022

MFA Deadline Approaching

VPN Requirement to Remain in Place

  • Reminder: Although many CU applications lifted VPN restrictions last week, restrictions for Salesforce and Marketing Cloud will remain in place. Please contact Jen Mortensen if you have any questions or concerns.

January Last Login Audit

  • Timeline: The last login audit for January is underway. Jen Mortensen will post an update to Chatter on Tues., Jan. 11 and will notify identified users during the week of Jan. 17.

Outstanding Issues

  • CRM03-CRM01 Email Opt Outs: Based on successful testing, the COE should be launching global email opt out sharing from CRM03 to CRM01 in the near future. We're assessing plans to share global email opt out data from CRM01 to CRM03 as well since the process has been identified and is scalable.
  • CY22 Q1 Email Preferences and Business Units: Thanks to those of you who submitted CY22 Q1 preferences and business units for processing. We're working with COE to identify a timeline for completion given that Claire Hamilton and Daniella Torres will be training to take over this process. If you have urgent needs from the spreadsheet, please let Jen Mortensen know so that we can prioritize them accordingly.
  • Preferred Name: Jen Mortensen is working with source system owners to advance the preferred name solution through appropriate governance groups. More information will be available soon.

Ongoing Data Monitoring