Marketing Cloud Administrative Tasks

eComm specialists can assist users with administrative tasks, such as unlocking a user and resetting their password, granting access to Business Units and changing the user Role.

  1. Navigate to Marketing Cloud >> Email Studio >> Admin
  2. Click My Users listed on the left
  3. Use the Search function to find the user

Unlock User & Reset Password

  1. Select the Name of the user (image 1)
  2. If the user is Locked Out, Unlock User (image 2)
    • This is caused by three failed login attempts.
  3. Select Change Password (image 2)

Business Unit Access

  1. Check the box next to the user
  2. Select Manage Business Unit
    • You can give users access to multiple Business Units
    • If a user has access to multiple Business Units, you can select which one they will be automcatically logged into


  1. Check the box next to the user
  2. Select Manage Roles
    • eComm users who CAN send emails should have one Role
      • eComm - Data Extension
    • eComm users who CAN NOT send emails should have two Roles
      • eComm - Data Extension
      • Deny Sender