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Marketing Cloud Permissions

The things you have access to in Marketing Cloud, align with your role. Checkout a breakdown on the things different roles can and can't do.


  1. Users are provisioned with two roles:
    • Ecomm - Data Extension
    • DENY Send*
  2. The DENY Send role will be removed once a user:
    • attends a live New User Training OR
    • watches on-demand new user training and eComm Specialist determines they’re ready to send real emails to real audiences.
  3. Now the user will have one role:
    • Ecomm - Data Extension

*The DENY Send role removes the ability to send a real email.

Additional Roles

  • The Office of Registrar BU | Tracking - for Office of Registrar only role gives these users access to export contact ID and email addresses from the Tracking area.
  • Journey Builder

Super Users

  • Audience Creation
  • Journey Builder

eComm Specialists

  1. eComm specialists will have two roles:
    • Ecomm - System Administrator
    • DENY Subscriber Edit*

*The DENY Subscriber Edit role removes the ability to manage subscribers.


  1. eComm Administrators will have one role:
    • Ecomm - System Administrator

Marketing Cloud Role Details