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MEC Weekly Digest | Jan. 25, 2022

February User Provisioning

  • Reminder: Please have your provisioning requests submitted and approved (via a comment on the Chatter thread) by the end of the month (Monday, 1/31). Credentials will be available to new users on Thursday, Feb. 3rd.

Next Team Meeting

  • Reminder: Our next team meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, Jan. 27 from 2-3 p.m. We look forward to seeing you there.

MFA Deadline Approaching

Salesforce & Marketing Cloud Security Review

  • Update: As you already know, we elected to leave VPN restrictions in place due to ongoing security concerns. However, some users are encountering ongoing login issues (Christopher Littlefield is troubleshooting), and we do not have a backup plan in place for widespread VPN outages or maintenance. Coupled with MFA for Marketing Cloud and SSO for Salesforce, we'll be working to assess if VPN should continue to be required. More information will be available soon.

Outstanding Issues

  • CRM03-CRM01 Email Opt Outs: We've successfully shared global email opt out data from CRM03 to CRM01 (phase one of the project). We'll be working to identify a timeline for replication of the process to share global email opt out data from CRM01 to CRM03.
  • CY22 Q1 Email Preferences and Business Units: Thanks to those of you who submitted CY22 Q1 preferences and business units for processing. We're working with the COE to identify a timeline for completion given that Claire Hamilton and Daniella Torres will be training to take over this process. If you have urgent needs from the spreadsheet, please let Jen Mortensen know so that we can prioritize them accordingly.
  • Preferred Name: Jen Mortensen is working with source system owners to advance the preferred name solution through appropriate governance groups. More information will be available soon.

Ongoing Data Monitoring