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MEC Weekly Digest | December 9, 2019

Email Preference Requests Submitted to COE

  • Update: Thanks to everyone who submitted email preference requests for COE consideration in quarter one of 2020. The COE team is reviewing the requests that we submitted and will have an update for us soon.

MC01 to MC01 Preferences and Resubscribes

  • Issue: As mentioned in the October 21 weekly digest, the COE completed the migration of email preferences from 01 to 03. While the Salesforce portion of this project was successful, we determined that the subscribers were not resubscribed in Marketing Cloud after their preferences were updated.
  • Impact: Although preference information was corrected, subscribers opted out during the migration were still not receiving emails.
  • Solution: Jen Mortensen completed the resubscribe process for the affected contacts.

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