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MEC Weekly Digest | August 30, 2019

Upcoming Large Audience Sends

  • In addition to the sends to new freshmen and faculty and staff from the Board of Regents this week, the Office of the President will be sending two large communications next week. Both will occur after business hours. Please contact Jen Mortensen if you have any questions or concerns.
    • Tuesday, September 3: Welcome back message to faculty and staff from President Kennedy
    • Thursday, September 5: President Kennedy eNews to faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, donors, etc.

Advance-Salesforce Integration

  • Issue: As mentioned in the July 5 digest, UIS has informed us of a known issue with the Advance-Salesforce integration in CRM03 that is affecting some, but not all, records. 
  • Impact: This means that some of the email address updates taking place in Advance are not being accurately reflected in Salesforce.
  • Solution: While UIS is aware of the issue, it is still in their backlog and they will let us know once they start actively working on it.
  • Work-Around: If you locate records affected by this integration issue, contact Daniella Torres. She can manually update the email address for the affected contact, and the change should not be overwritten since it will match Advance.

Classic Content Sunset

  • Issue: Marketing Cloud will sunset support of Classic Content in 2020.
  • Impact: Users who have existing content in Classic Content that they want to keep should migrate to Content Builder before 2020.
  • Solution: Jen Mortensen has assembled a list of business units that contain content in Classic Content. Beginning in the first week of September, she would like to contact users associated with these business units with instructions about how to quickly migrate content. Please contact Jen by Thursday, September 4 if you have any questions or concerns.

eComm-UIS Monthly Data Team Meetings Launched

  • Issue: Ongoing data issues are regularly uncovered by our eComm team both at System and on the campuses, but resolution is often a challenge.
  • Impact: eComm continues to struggle with data issues that affect confidence in our program and the quality of our outreach.
  • Solution: Jennifer Mortensen and Daniella Torres reached out to UIS and formed a data team who will meet monthly to discuss eComm's ongoing data issues and determine a path to resolution. Al Wirtes and Amar Tekriwal are representing UIS on this team. Conversations have been productive so far and we look forward to continuing to build this working relationship.

Email Preference Tabs vs. Links in Salesforce

  • Issue: There was a miscommunication between eComm and the COE about back-end work on email preferences and its impact on the front-end Salesforce experience.
  • Impact: eComm was mistakenly told that we had to choose between viewing email preferences in Salesforce in tabs on the contact or in links on the contact, but could not keep both options.
  • Solution: Jennifer Mortensen spoke to Nalini and got clarification that both the tabs and the links can remain available with no impact to users or communication recipients. The back-end work that is occurring is designed to make it easier and faster for the COE to make changes to email preferences, but there is no functional impact to the eComm team. We apologize for the miscommunication.