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MEC Weekly Digest | August 10, 2020

URL Format Change for Custom Profile Attributes

  • Issue: Kayla Gronseth Boyer discovered that when importing URLs as unique profile attributes in Marketing Cloud, including the http:// portion is now required in order for the links to function correctly. Previously, Marketing Cloud had specifically told us to remove the http:// portion of the URL. Melanie Jones will continue testing to determine other relevant parameters for link uploads, but for now, please include the http:// portion of the URL and remember to thoroughly test before sending your message. (Updated wiki)

Reply Mail Management Email Formatting

  • Issue: Amber Bartlett received a report from a user that Marketing Cloud appeared to be changing the reply-to email address when constituents were replying to communications that had been forwarded.
  • Impact: The format was causing some confusion for constituents, as it changed the reply email format from to However, despite the formatting change, emails were still being delivered and received as expected.
  • Explanation: Jen Mortensen opened a case with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and determined that the formatting change was related to a feature in Reply Mail Management (RMM) called DMARC Forward Reply Rewrite. This feature rewrites email headers to ensure the deliverability of forwarded messages. In this case, Marketing Cloud is functioning as designed.
  • ACTION: While there is an option to disable the DMARC feature, Salesforce Marketing Cloud does not recommend it since doing so could result in deliverability issues. The System team's recommendation is that we leave the functionality enabled and provide an explanation to constituents if needed (including a wiki). If you do not agree with this course of action, please contact Jen Mortensen by Friday, August 14. 

Salesforce Chatter Free Licenses Update

  • Update: Daniella Torres is continuing to work on the Chatter Free License model that will allow us to add Cvent-only users to Salesforce Chatter groups. We've run into a few additional hurdles but hope to have the work completed soon.

Dashcord Pilot Update

  • Update: The COE is continuing work on exploring Dashcord as a possible alternative to Cvent. Lisa Carr presented a demo to the COE team last week and is wrapping up a bit more work before giving an updated demo to the project team (Melanie Jones and Jen Mortensen).

Subscription Form Pilot Update

  • Update: The COE is currently investigating Form Builder as an alternative to Cvent subscription forms, as the Marketing Cloud solution first explored did not meet the project requirements. The team is currently working on a proof of concept and will have further updates for the project team (Jessica Raab, Amber Bartlett, and Jen Mortensen) soon.

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