Creating Send Classifications

A send classification is a combination of a sender profile and a delivery profile. Send classifications take an extra minute to setup, but is the easiest way to ensure messages are sent as intended. Rather than the sender needing to select a sender profile and delivery profile for each send, they can select a single send classification. 

For example, your eComm specialist can create a send classification called CU Connections. By selecting that one send classification, the correct sender profile and delivery profile are automatically selected.

  • Send Classification | CU Connections
    • Sender Profile | CU Connections <>
    • Delivery Profile | CU FOOTER FOR ALL EMAILS


Only eComm Specialists can create and modify Marketing Cloud send classifications. If you need a send classification added to your account, contact your eComm Specialist.

To create a send classification in Marketing Cloud, complete the following steps:

1. In Marketing Cloud, navigate to Email Studio - Admin - Send Classifications, and click Create.

2. Under Properties, type a send classification name and a description. The external ID will automatically populate when you save the send classification.

Send Classification Properties

3. Under About CAN-SPAM Classification, select either COMMERCIAL for emails that will use the CU Footer for All Emails or TRANSACTIONAL for those that will not offer an option to unsubscribe.


4. Under Sender Information, select the sender profile and the delivery profile that should be automatically associated with this send classification.

Send Classification Sender Information

5. Under Send Priority, select Normal.

Send Priority

6. Click Save.