Everyone loves a snow day. Before you hit the snooze alarm, read this quick walkthrough of CU System's inclement weather policies.

The information on this page applies to CU System employees only.

Please consult the appropriate HR website for your campus:


Who decides when System closes?

The president, chancellor or a designee decides if we close during inclement weather. If only one campus/location is closed, departments with employees in multiple locations may choose to close specific offices (e.g., Boulder offices only) or close all locations. For example, if you work for CU System and are based in Boulder, you may get a snow day even if your coworkers in Denver are required to come into the office.

Who has to come into work during inclement weather?

Essential CU System employees are required to work during inclement weather closures and cannot earn administrative leave pay. Essential services include personnel required to maintain or protect the health, safety or physical wellbeing of campus personnel, academic mission and facilities. Regular employees are not required to work.

How do I know if I'm "essential"?

Your supervisor will let you know if you're considered essential personnel.

How will I learn about closures? 

We'll send you an email and text message through our RAVE alert system. We also post notices on www.cu.edu.

If you want to double check, call 877-463-6070 or visit www.ucdenver.edu/alert. You can also enroll in RAVE alerts from this page.

How do closures affect my pay and vacation balance?

When the president or chancellor decides not to open or to close the campus, CU grants administrative leave to regular employees for their scheduled work hours during the period of closure. Regular part-time employees (or those paid on an hourly basis) also receive administrative leave. 

Temporary (including retirees hired into temporary positions) and student employees are not eligible for administrative leave; however, they will earn pay at their normal rate for any hours worked. 

If you happen to be on approved leave (sick or vacation) during a closure, you cannot earn administrative leave. In other words, you cannot swap out administrative leave for sick or vacation time.

Essential personnel will earn pay at their normal rate/salary.

I'm an overtime-eligible employee. Can I earn overtime pay if I work during a closure?

No, you cannot count these hours toward your total overtime calculations. Remember to enter any paid administrative leave in My Leave during a delayed opening or early closure; this ensures your overtime calculations are correct.

I work from home/have a flexible work schedule. Do I still have to work?

Department point people may decide to have you work from home during a closure. Check in with your supervisor to determine work expectations.

Read the full policy here.